• Feb 21, 2016
  • by Bink Neptune

 Laura is a talented young photographer who contacted me recently to ask me to collaborate with her. "Wild Flower" was the theme of the shoot she was planning and she needed lots of deep red and pink flower headdresses and hats. 
I was so inspired by her theme i created several hats especially for the shoot, the results of the shoot are just breath taking! And i am very proud that the images got on the front cover of Surreal Beauty Magazine

In 2016 i intend to collaborate with more photographers and stylists who shoot work to a high standard, i am happy to even create headwear especially for the shoot as long as i am inspired by the ideas. I am giving up on setting up product shoots as i want to focus completely on just creating. So from now on i will be photographing my products on a mannequin head immediately once they are made and putting them online, no more waiting around for a shoot or not making too many one of a kind creations as they take up too much space on the site. Allowing myself this new freedom is VERY exciting to me!

Laura Jane Photography
Model: Heather May Corvid 
MUA: Anna Baldwin
Studio: Kitty KEMS Photography
Headwear by me!

Deer antler feathered headdressDeer Antler and feather headdress
Bollywood Flower headdressBollywood Flower headdress
Royal Ascot Hat 2016Royal Ascot hat 2016