• Feb 21, 2016
  • by Bink Neptune

What Katie Did contacted me to ask if i would collaborate on a shoot with lots of amazing names in the burlesque, vintage and pinup industry. I think it's the law that when amazing opportunities come you way you just say YES! I love Katie of What Katie Did... she is so incredibly kind and supportive to me.

I am currently working on Pearls & Swine website, moving it was we speak. The new Temptress of Waikiki site is now launched and I thinking about the future of my business, how i want to present my work, the direction i want to move in creatively. I call myself a bumbler because I have just gone with my gut, experimented with all sort of materials and ideas to try to figure out where I belong in the world.

This hat, worn so beautifully by Frenchie L'Amour is one part of the direction I will be moving in with my Temptress of Waikiki, I love vintage hats but I am not interested in making reproduction vintage inspired hats . For me vintage inspired hats need to sparkle or be colourful, I love creating interesting shapes.

For Temptress of Waikiki I really want to develop my vintage inspired hat ideas and this black glitter and crystal headpiece is a good launching pad! I want to make high end headwear perfect for brides, pinups, burlesque performers, people who appreciate being unique and the races.

This hat was cut, moulded, glittered and crystalled by hand, then backed with leopard print satin. It attaches with a comb and adjustable hat elastic... and it's coming to Temptress of Waikiki VERY VERY soon! It can also be made in any colour, covered in satin or velvet, I can add a veil or flowers, I can cover it completely in crystals... the choices are endless! And the shapes i will be creating will be too! Just watch this space.... 

Lingerie, corset, stockings and gloves: What Katy Did
Shoes:  Miss L-Fire 
Dress: Vivien of Hollloway 
Hat: Me :) 
Jewellery: Splendette 
Model & MUA: Frenchie L'Amour 
Photographer: Richard Thomas (at What Katie Did)


Vintage pin up wearing What Katie Did, Vivienne of Holloway, Miss L-Fire ShoesBurlesque pinup wearing What Katie Did lingerie, Vivienne of Holloway dress, Miss L-Fire shoes