• Jan 31, 2016
  • by Bink Neptune

Royal Ascot 2016 is approaching and with it comes Millinery, and the quest to wear the most eye catching, crazy, fabulous, BIG, elegant, unusual hats! Last year i was very lucky to have my headwear grace the front page of The Times!!!! In fact my headwear was all over the press, all over the world... worn by Anouska Lancaster who stole the show at Ascot in 2014 wearing my headwear too!

Royal Ascot 2016 Millinery

This year Royal Ascot falls on 14th-18th June 2016, this is the most prestigious event for millinery... i called it Milliners Christmas, it's the most crazy busy time for milliners all over the UK literally up to the last minute!!!! 

Millinery for Royal Ascot 2016

The dress code for Royal Ascot in terms of millinery is the headpiece you wear needs to be at least 10cm or 4 inches IF you are in the Royal Enclosure. If you are in the Grandstand the rules are you should wear a hat or fascinator at all times. It's worth noting that fancy dress, novelty and branded / promotional clothing are not allowed on site. They can be very strict, which is great for milliners as it means at least once a year hats are very important! 

Hats for Royal Ascot 2016

I am already getting my 1st hat orders for Royal Ascot so this year is already looking like it's going to be very very busy for me in the run up to the event. It's always great to have lots of time rather than rushing at the last minute. It means i can do my best work... I have had a great run for the last couple years, here my peacock feather headdress is in a newspaper as far away as Adelaide!!! And i got 9/10 for it! High praise indeed! Hahahhaaa! 

Hat for Ascot

If you are looking to buy tickets to Royal Ascot here is link: Tickets
If you are looking to have a Bespoke hat made for Royal Ascot 2016 pleasehttps://temptress-of-waikiki.myshopify.com/pages/bespoke-millinery fill in this form: Bespoke Millinery Form 
I am happy to help create your perfect bespoke hat for Royal Ascot to match your outfit!

Love Bink x