• Jan 31, 2016
  • by Bink Neptune

Temptress of Waikiki brides are definitely not your average bride, looking for the run of the mill bridal headpiece. In all the years of making hats i have never had a single "bridezilla", my brides are really lovely ladies who are magical. They come to me with all sorts of ideas and it's my job to make the wedding headpiece that is the stuff of THEIR dreams! This is a job i take very seriously, it's an honour to be asked to be a part of such an important occasion!

Imogen contacted me in 2015, her wedding was going to be on Halloween (i mean, isn't that the best ever date for a wedding?!), she sent me lots of different images, images of her hairstyle, measurements, her budget.
She talked about the theme for her wedding and what sort of things she would like included in her bridal headpiece. I have never been asked to make a flower crown in this particular way but i am always up for a millinery challenge. The most important feature has to be Chinese Lantern (the orange pod like flower) but Imogen wanted lots of colour, pumpkins, insects and little creatures.

Along the way i sent her images to make sure i was getting it right, i like to get feedback during the process as, after all, this is not my big day. This was the finished flower crown headdress:

Bridal Flower Crown

This was Imogen's reaction:
"I absolutely LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much! I love all the insects and the bird!! It's so beautiful and detailed so thank you so so much."

I am always on tenterhooks waiting to hear back from anyone i create a bespoke headpiece for, i see it as a huge responsibility, i need to get it right for them and for me. 

Today i got an email from Imogen and she sent me some of her wedding images and the images took my breath away, she was a truly stunning bride and the headpiece it crowns her face so perfectly. I am very proud to have been involved, in my own small way, in her big day. 

And this was her email to me:

"I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for my headdress. Both myself and my guests loved it and it was the perfect way to finish off my look for the day. 

I am now going to put it in a box frame and hang it on my wall (out of the sun) so that I can always be reminded of our wedding day. 

Again thank you so so so much, it was absolutely perfect! I hope I did it justice and you enjoy the photos!
From Imogen x"

I think that is the most brilliant idea, framing the crown in a box frame as a memory!!
Here are a few more images of Imogen on her big day.
I loved making this bridal headpiece for Imogen, i have the best customers in the world!
Congratulations to Imogen and her new Husband, i love his cute orange bow tie so much! Wishing them all the luck and happiness in the world....

Bridal Flower Crown

Flower Crown for Bride

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